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A greengrocers lot these days is not much fun
and particularly now the trade is run
on these modern lines where folk can Pick Their Own
(thats a joke, as is Organically Grown!!)
So the punters squeeze and stroke and scratch and sniff
and we know it won’t be any wonder if
they go ripping ripe tomatoe’s off the vine
and then treading grapes’ as if there making wine.
Some are measuring the orange’s for size
and enquiring why weve got no bargain buys
like Sain’sburys and Te’scos  and no trolley’s,
as they tear the leaves from cabbage’s and cauli's.
Then some prim old dear complains that we cant spell
and another points to stuff we should’nt sell
like banan'as which she says are grown by slaves.
Ah, we greengrocers'  are doomed to early grave’s.