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My orange at breakfast had pixel-like specks.
It hummed when I cut it in sections.
I chose not to deal with a thing so complex,
nor eat fruit with such weird imperfections.

I drove to my office, and sat at my desk
to start up my brand-new computer,
and that’s when the morning became more grotesque.
Should I call for a tech trouble-shooter?

The air all around bore an acid bouquet.
The screen showed a curious brightness.
I stared with dismay at an orange display
instead of the usual whiteness.

Not yet, I decided. True, things have gone wrong,
but the trouble’s more fruity than fishy.
Who knows what might happen? I’ll just play along
in this world which is roundish and squishy.

I’m so glad that I did, though it put me in shock
and it caused me to murmur, “Good gracious!”
As I peeled back the layers of doc after doc,
they were juicy, and even salacious.