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IDs out, and single file,
   And choose a seat and sit!
And may there be no trick questions or guile
   When I get down to it.

Be ye the L.P. - or B.P.T.- C.
   On contract, deed, or tort,  
Ere dawn tomorrow shall my chambers be
   In Inns of Court.

Timer and starting bell,
   And after that the test!
And may there be no Latin I can’t spell.
   My case I rest.

The buzzer buzz, the bell chime: Pencils down!
   My scores may bear me far;
I hope to wear the wig and don the gown
   When I have passed the bar.

The bar at Salcombe Devon
                      The bar at Salcombe Devon.                                                         Photo (c) J.G.Betts