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Daniel Galef: Donne Deal

The bookshop on our street has fun
by holding sales of poetry:
if it’s not “Tennyson for One,”
it’s “Byron, Get One Free.”

Ian Graham: Insignificant Other

Well, you may alter my style
And you may alter my smile
But just remember, amigo
You’ll never alter my ego.

Gail White: Bee-Cause

How well the bee, when understood,
Proclaims its tiny personhood!
It hovers on the clover lea
And hums, “I buzz, therefore I bee.”

Wendy Videlock: To the Newly Enlightened One

But I do understand
and I don't disagree
that you're taking yourself
very seriously.

Damian Balassone: The Comedian

She’s well aware each biting witticism
will be the butt of ruthless criticism;
but she does not fear the ink of little men,
the microphone is mightier than the pen.

Pat D’Amico: Email

A powerful tool – with the flick of a finger
A digital message is sent which will linger
Since, Styrofoam-like, it will not decompose
And hence, if misguided, can cause endless woes.

Jenna Le: A Bit Of Writing Advice

You, with your skinny arms, aren’t strong enough to just
support my weight for hours, and after one more thrust,
you lean my bulk against the wall and take a breather.
One metaphor can’t carry a whole poem, either.

Thomas Land: Clarity

Do not explain or clarify
your meaning or technique.
Let the poet sit silent. Let
the poetry rise and speak.