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(Who Tasted As She Went
With Too Much Enthusiasm.)

Poor Caroline was so weak-willed
She hoovered in the cake mix; swilled
Zabaglione by the glass;
And very little of her Farce
À Truffes would make it to a guest
For Caroline had scoffed the rest.
When they sat down to dinner, she
Had had enough for two or three.
Although she’d spoilt her appetite
She ate along, to be polite-
And once she’d made the effort, then
She found her appetite again.

Soon Caroline, to her dismay,
Through Gross Obesity fell prey
To some of those Unpleasant States
You risk from Overladen Plates.
On doctor’s orders, she now faced
A diet little to her taste.
Reduced in sugar (Diabetes)
So no more biscuits, cakes or sweeties,
And also, much the hardest part,
Most fats cut down, (Gall Bladder, Heart)
You see the way that this is trending?
Braced for a Cautionary Ending?

Hard cheese! She’s fit now, full of Vim,
Without resorting to the Gym.
This is (she never fails to mention)
All thanks to Sensible Abstention.