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I’m raising a glass to the Queen – HURRAY!
She’s a nonagenarian now.
Boasting years on the throne with never a moan;
that’s worth a deep curtsey or bow,
along with a toast from a Magnum, of course,
that I stashed for this fabulous day.
I’m dizzy with glee that she’s thirty times three –
keep the Moet a-flowing my way!

I’m refilling my flute, I am under her spell,
I am draining the goblet dry!
I’m sipping at fizz in the name of our Liz
and feeling a smidgen high.
I’m pouring and chinking and slurring and shinging
of shaving the gracious old gel;
so, before I fall down, one more toast to the Crown,
the Kingdom and corgis as well!