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Cover: Photo (c) J. G. Betts. Carp in Devon country house pool.

LUPO greets this juicy and momentous June 2017 with its 38th issue, its contents ranging from Brendan Beary’s resilient possum, which it is tempting to read as a political allegory, to Ann Drysdale’s thoughts in a polling station, by way of apostrophes, birthday presents, car horns, chromosomes, digital dilemmas, drupelets, lawn-shaming, Lizsticles, musical menus, operatic trees, summer holidays, washing, women (strange or sweet) and much besides, such as Competition 37’s landslide of limericks.

Performing in the three Intervals are Mesdames et Messieurs Damian Balassone, Rob Barratt, Joanna Bird, Edmund Conti, Barbara Lydecker Crane, Pat D’Amico, Annie Fisher, David Galef, Ann Gibson, Martin Parker, Bruce McGuffin, L.A. Mereoie, Daphne Milne, Tristan Moss, Emma Power, D.A. Prince, Jean Syed and Peggy Verrall.

In the competition winner's list are Brian Allgar, Brendan Beary, Jane Blanchard, Peter Fereday, I. V. Neversere, D.A. Prince, Orel Protopopescu, Mae Scanlan, Ed Shacklee, C. W. Steele, Jo Scutch and John Whitworth.

Facing the thundering herd of LUPO readers for the first time are ten new troupers, David Alpaugh, Mishkat Bhattacharya, Joanna Bird, Peter Emery, Julia Goss, Penny Peyser, Daphne Milne, Emma Power, Nigel Stuart and M. V. Williams. A hearty welcome to them, as well as all returning old stagers.

By the time we meet again in Issue 39 we will be, depending on the colour of your political proclivities, enjoying la vie en rose of Theresa May’s post-election honeymoon or suffering the third month of Grey-Bob Terror unleashed by our antiquated electoral system  And the best of English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish luck to us all.


Buttercups in bloon