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Decisions decisions
everyone’s bane
picking the right one
will drive you insane

You can trust in your gut
which saves lots of time
or ponder for weeks
for something sublime

It won’t matter though
which path you’re along
the choice that seems right
is usually wrong

Which leads to a searing
wee bit of insight:
the right pick’s now wrong;
the wrong pick’s now right

Knowing this truth
you could alter your ‘druther’
choose the best option
then go with the other

But soon as you figure
flip-flopping’s your song
the choice that’s now right
at once becomes wrong

And switching once more
upsets your pick’s zen
for when it turns right
it’s wrong once again

It’s one tough dilemma
that most folks revile –
making decisions
is simply futile

So here’s useful advice
you’re free to purloin
don’t sweat decisions
instead flip a coin.