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Cover: Photo (c) Marry Vollebregt-Rooseboom. Rotterdam frozen.

LUPO completes its tenth year and fortieth issue with a bumper December number, not middle-aged spread. It has been infiltrated by the animal kingdom in the shape of barnacles, dogs, earwigs, giraffes, hamsters, moles, squirrels and voles, while for those who like to look on the dark side of life there are estate agents, school lunches, suicides and undertakers, as well as the usual literary larks or larkins and low jinks. There are also small white hands, but not D.T’s, the only POTUS allowed being George W., who started it all. Other topics are as diverse as comedians, clichés, heavenly reorganisation, kale, Kerouac, soap and voluminous lingerie, plus people, lots of people, forgetting, hating Christmas, negotiating airport security, nostril-flaring, running, talking, or simply watching others. Not to mention a groaning cheese board for those who need refreshment at half-time . . .

Exhibiting in this and the other three Intervals are Brian Allgar, Damian Balassone, Jerome Betts, Ingrid Bruck, Cally Conan-Davies, Sally Cook, Pat D’Amico, Ann Drysdale, S.O. Fasrus, Daniel Galef, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Susan Jarvis, Tim Kenny, Brian S. Lee, Bruce McGuffin, L.A. Mereoie, Tony Peyser, Emma Power, Basil Ransome-Davies, Jennifer Reeser, Mae Scanlan, Robert Schechter, George Simmers, Susan de Sola, J. D. Smith, George Stanforth, Catherine Tufariello, Tom Vaughan, John Whitworth and Liza McAlister Williams.

Standing shyly or brazenly on the Competition 39 winner's podium are Gail White, Mae Scanlan, Susan McLean, Bruce McGuffin, Elizabeth Horrocks, Peter Fereday, C.R. Edenhill, Tracy Davidson, Joanna Bird and Brian Allgar.

Braving the lights and likes of LUPO for the first time are Patricia Bradley, Ingrid Bruck, Michael R. Burch, Cally Conan-Davies, Amy Foreman, James Hamby, Tim Kenny, Pam Lewis, Jennifer Reeser, George Stanforth, Catherine Tufariello, and Paul Waring.

Thanks, by the way, to our photographers, illustrators and decorators, known and unknown, including Todd H. Ahern, Tom Hutton, Ana Sanchez Hijosa, Susan de Sola and Marry Vollebregt-Roosebloom. Finally, depending on hemisphere, a merry midwinter or merry midsummer, as well as an untroubled 2018, to all LUPO’s contributors and readers.

Pale magenta hollyhock  bloom