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Relaxing on the porch as darkness fell,
I sipped iced tea, reflecting on my day.
There was breath-taking beauty all around,
the perfect lawn, a pleasure to survey.

I'd had a scrumptious meal with fine red wine
and watched a Lifetime romance on TV.
I'd waltzed around the den as CD's played
the tunes I love the best by Kenny G.

Then came my thirty-minute bubble bath,
so warm and soothing. While still damp, I lay,
just briefly, on the comfy bed. I dressed
and used a lightly-scented body spray.

That's when I got the tea and came outside
to relish what would be the best of nights.
Euphoria was at a height — and then
it stopped! I saw two brightly glaring lights.

The Johnsons, owners of the house, were back
two days before they were supposed to be!
I tossed the tea glass in a well-pruned shrub
and fled before they got a glimpse of me.

The Blakes' two-week vacation will begin
tomorrow. Like the Johnsons, they will hide
their house key in a fake rock near the door.
Man, I can hardly wait to get inside!