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Cover: Photo (c) J.G. Betts. Pigeons by canal in Oxford.

LUPO 42 for the sometimes jolly and genial month of June (sorry all Southern Hemisphere contributors and readers) provides an assortment of summer activities around pitch, court and pool, and further seasonal interludes in places as far apart as Oslo and Athens. It contemplates the afterlife from various points of view and the present life ditto. There are the woes of adolescence, food and those who prepare it, historical dramas, monsters, punctuation, Robert Herrick’s rosebuds spurned by a Yankee gal and a Royal Wedding. (No, not that one!) It begins with pigeons and ends with naked mole rats, with much other decently dressed mayhem and merriment on the way.

On display in the Intervals are the shorter turns of Damian Balassone, Jerome Betts  Kim Bridgford, Tracy Davidson, Morgan Downs, Peter Fereday, Tim Forsythe, William Greig, Elizabeth Horrocks, R.G. Jodah, Lynn Levin, L.A. Mereoie, Bob Newman D. A. Prince, Rob Stuart and Paul Willis.

Stepping onto the competition winners’ podium undisturbed by stage or space invaders come Susanna Clayson, C.R. Edenhill, Bob Newman, D. A. Prince, Sue Scott, Alex Steelsmith, S. Subramanian and Liza McAlister Williams.

A warm welcome to veteran LUPO competition winner Tracy Davidson and to the first Lupine offerings of a sextet of newcomers – Andrew Button, Morgan Downs, William Greig, R.G. Jodah, Lynn Levin and Morven Main – as well as greetings to half a dozen names from LUPO’s earlier days who have found their way back into the fold. (You know who you are.)

And finally, apologies to those whose accepted work has had to be held over and thanks to those who have signed back up to the mailing list after the botheration of making it GDPR-compliant.


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