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Cover: Photo (c) J.G. Betts. Autumn colours Torquay Devon.

LUPO 43 for September arrives toasted and roasted from the burning fiery furnace of summer 2018 laden with artichokes, bats, buckthorn, cats, cardinals, cows, dogs, ducks, gin, giraffes, house plants, malignant marsupials, mermoles, silkworms, wirebirds and yarrow. As if this were not enough, there are also reflections on beds, curtains, devil dresses and dress sizes, fame, families, housework, male drivers, maps, medical matters, misbehaving Muses, performance poetry, sleep, Slough, and other topics at greater or lesser length to take our minds off failing light and fallible politicians.

Short, sweet, or sour, in the three autumn Intervals are the diverse voices and verses of Ed Ahern, Brian Allgar, Damian Balassone, Jerome Betts, Joanna Bird, Patricia Bradley, Steve Clayman, Barbara Lydecker Crane, Tracy Davidson, David Galef, Julia Griffin, Bruce McGuffin, L. A. Mereoie, Suchoon Mo, Tony Peyser, Georgina Titmus, Peggy Verrall, Bob Whitmire and Paul Willis.

Crowned with wreaths of assorted fallen leaves are the men and women of the trees of Competition 42, namely Brian Allgar, Alanna Blake, L. A. Mereoie, D.A. Prince, Mae Scanlan, Margaret Silvester, Peggy Verrall and Liza McAlister Williams.

Last but not least, newly joining the swelling crowd of contributors comes the dashing dectet of Niloufar Behrooz, Craig Dobson, Julia Griffin, Laura Johnson, Suchoon Mo, Fiona Sinclair, Tammy Swift-Adams, Georgina Titmus, Bob Whitmire and Rodney Wood.

A warm welcome to them, and all returning regulars and readers, with best autumn wishes.

(Please note that unless another gremlin is lurking in the works, Previous means Previous and Next means Next, as a certain beleaguered lady might say, unlike their mysterious and irreversible reversal in LUPO 42)


Michaelmas daisies