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Ed Ahern: Grandparents Day USA 3 Sept 18

I am still waiting for
five urchins with cell phones
to call,
offering vows of service
and genealogical thanks,
or at least
recognition that their spoiling
is being handled with flair.


Brian Allgar: Family Tree

My family tree will be stopping with me;
No children, acknowledged or not.
Though my sister, it’s true, has produced quite a few;
Three nephews, two nieces . . .
Well, each one increases
Her grandchildren stock, and it comes as a shock
When I count them – at least twenty-two!          


Joanna Bird: A Thorny Issue

A purple peony was picked by Penny.
Its pleasing perfume pervaded her nose.
Its pointy prickle pierced her pinkie
With positive proof it was really a rose.


Julia Griffin: Silk

The happy silkworm extromits
Its precious spool in little bits,
Too insubstantial to conduce
To any sort of human use.
Regrettably, extended thread
Requires the silkworm to be dead;
An outcome which will not surprise
The soul that sees through artist’s eyes.


Georgina Titmus: Siren Call

A mole underground
Lost his way and found
A subterranean river.
A mermole bade him hither.
He drowned.

(Prizewinner in second LVU competition)


Barbara Lydecker Crane: Rising Misses Sizes

I wear size six (no longer eight–
I’ve only gained a little weight).
Unless I gain a good bit more,
likely soon I’ll be a four.

Numbers shrink as waistlines grow.
The makers think we do not know;
we do, but still take secret pride
in smaller sizes, double-wide.


Tracy Davidson: Wake-Up Call

Our quiet village was once quite boring
Till Miss Whiplash moved here to Much Snoring.
Some called her a tart, and others a trollop,
But many booked up for a Nether Wallop


Bruce McGuffin: The Silence of the Giraffes

You think giraffes don't make a sound?
They don't when anyone's around.
In truth, giraffes can be loquacious,
their conversations wise and gracious.
It could be more than just a joke
to make us think they never spoke.
Perhaps they'd rather not discuss
why they don't want to talk to us.


Damian Balassone: Pets

I chose to take it up a level
and bought myself a Tassie devil,
But though I love my wild marsupial,
I’m not so sure the feeling’s mutual.

 Tasmanian Devil (animal) from side