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14 October 2018 is the first anniversary of the inaugural
flight of a commercial scheduled service to the airport
built on Prosperous Bay Plain for the small South Atlantic
island of St Helena where Napoleon died in exile.

(The Governor Of St Helena)

I had my shoes shone every day
waiting for the morning I could proudly say
"Welcome, first passengers – hip-hip hooray
for St Helena Airport."

(The Captain of the RMS St Helena)

It’s going to kill off the romance
of hat parades and tango dance
amid the Ocean’s great expanse,
this St Helena Airport.

(St Helena Airport Project Engineer)

This project was straight from a dream.
Construction awards come ream by ream.
Our company’s held in high esteem
for St Helena Airport.

(The St Helena Wirebirds)

For you and us, the St Helena plover,
this plain was perfect, dear rare species lover.
It could take us decades to recover
from St Helena Airport.

(Jonathan the Giant Tortoise)

I am one hundred and eighty two,
many years for wisdom and fame to accrue.
Can’t wait for my fans, there’ll be quite a few,
bound for St Helena Airport.

(N. Bonaparte)

I was exiled here. To avoid confusion –
I’ve dropped my escape plans, my grand delusion.
I’m a peaceful ghost, I dread the intrusion
from St Helena Airport.

St Helena airport logo with wirebird