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“Streaking trio gets surprise when car,
clothes are stolen.” – News item

Fuelled by stupidity or hops or grapes or weed,
And counting on rapidity, three dudes devised a deed:
Driving on a freeway, they thought nothing could be finer
Than waking up a dreary day by streaking through a diner.

With IQs and the temperature all ranging in the zeros,
A plan was hatched that seemed quite sure to satisfy our heroes.
As the engine gently idled, they shed coats and shirts and shorts.
Birthday-suited, in they sidled (but with boots by all reports.)

The plan went off without a hitch − the streaking went just fine −
But soon they saw a fatal glitch had ruined their design,,
Since a certain wily patron who was munching on his meal
Had decided he would eat and run when he saw a car to steal.

The car went racing down the street with all their clothes inside;
Leaving them quite indiscreet with no place near to hide.
Chagrined, with faces blue not red, they dropped down to their knees
Right after the policeman said, “I told you all to freeze!”

Five Canada Geese feeding in winter