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"”Look, your grace," , Sancho responded,
“those things that appear over there aren't
giants but windmills, and what looks like
their arms are the sails that are turned by
the wind and make the grindstone move."
“It seems clear to me," , replied Don Quixote,
“that thou art not well-versed in the matter
of adventures: these are giants; and if thou
art afraid, move aside and start to pray whilst
I enter with them in fierce and unequal combat."

(Cervantes, Don Quixote, trans Edith Grossman.)

"We cannot trust the government –
It matters not a jot which party –
For secretly they represent

"The cure for cancer's been concealed
To guard the profits of Big Pharma."
"The lunar landing site's a field
In Atacama."

"Elvis is still a living soul.
We sang for him a needless threnody."
"A sniper on a grassy knoll
Killed John F. Kennedy."

"The Roswell wreckage and its crew
Are at an air base none can enter."
"George Dubya ordered planes into
The World Trade Centre."

So says my friend. He's pretty deep.
Nevertheless, I say I'm sceptical.
He tells me I'm the media's sheep,
A dumb receptacle.

The trick is balance, I've no doubt:
One mustn't be a lemming blinded,
But neither must one's brains fall out
When open-minded.