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Let’s celebrate us baby-boomers:
From demob babes to online Zoomers.
The world’s new hope in post-war days,
Our births seen through a golden haze.

Then clinic orange, free school milk
Ensured strong bones and skin like silk.
Rationing also played its part:
A strict regime, good for the heart.
In fact we’re healthier – cue laughter –
Than those before us, and those after!

The NHS, the Welfare State,
For National Service just too late;
Free education, a true jewel,
Free Uni coming after school.

Next, full employment, more or less:
The swinging sixties, mini-dress –
To top the over-flowing cup,
Women’s lib was waking up!
House prices just within our reaches,
And packaged trips to foreign beaches . . .

With pensions based on our top wages,
We aim to party on for ages!
And if we get to stay alive
Next year we’ll all hit seventy-five!