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The bed’s as hard as concrete and my pillow is too steep
I’ve tossed and turned so much tonight, the duvet’s in a heap
My head has turned into a sponge, my eyes feel like burnt toast
For I have been abandoned by the one I need the most

Please come to me, I need you, though I’ve treated you so bad
Last night I pushed you right away, and now you’re acting mad
I had to finish something, – I have to once I start
I’m sorry that I shunned you, from the bottom of my heart

Please come to me, I’m begging, I know that I was wrong
I yearn for your embrace tonight, the day has been so long
Please take me to that blissful place where we can be as one
Let’s soar the heights together until the night is done

If you are here my dreams will be so beautiful and deep
Please come to me my dearest, my sweetest, restful sleep.