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Cover: Old Uncle Tom Cobley And All from 1920s Devon cider advertising booklet.

Tom Pearce’s grey mare can’t make it to Devon’s Covid-cancelled Widecombe Fair this year, but Devon’s digitally-distanced LUPO 51 is here, featuring, to adapt the old rhyme, some hands old, some hands new, some things borrowed, some things blue, not to mention a touch of orange and yellow. The September edition includes the topics of bedtime, beer, bores, cage birds, elephants, gulls, jingles, kookaburras, lovers, much ado about marriage, onions, pens, pigeons, rhinoceroses, statues, strippers and umbrellas, as well as other matters. There is again a special no-lengths-barred Interval, this time for burlesques and parodies of different widths, as well as the three for shorter turns in the spotlight

Speaking of which, this quarter’s Intervals provide a platform for Chris Aspin, Damian Balassone, Jerome Betts, Patrick Biggs, Michael R. Burch, Steven Clayman Terese Coe, Rosemary Court, Pat D’Amico, Greg Duncan, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, William Greig, Julia Griffin, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Elizabeth Horrocks, Peter Johnson, Oscar Kenshur, Judy Koren, Anna Lindsay, L.A. Mereoie, Nina Parmenter, Martin Parker, Tony Peyser, D.A. Prince, Tom Schmidt, Ed Shacklee and George Simmers.

Posing horsily after their stirring displays on or off the Turf, are the winners of Competition 50, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Ken Chester, C. R. Edenhill, Martin Elster, Richard Fleming, Stephen Gold, Julia Griffin, Judy Koren, Katie Mallett, Mike Mesterton-Gibbons and Gail White.

Lastly, LUPO is delighted to display the talents of a dashing dozen of debutantes, namely Claire Booker, Glo Curl, Thomas O. Davenport, Steve Ellis, Orla Fay, Michael Gould, Peter Johnson, Judy Koren, Anna Lindsay, James A. Tweedie, Joyce Wilson and Scott Woodland.

With thanks to Linda Balassone, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Heather Simpson and Susan de Sola for photographs, as well as all this issue’s contributors in these trying times, and the usual apologies to those whose work has had to be held over, here is the mixture it is hoped will help fortify both under and over forties against whatever fearsome freaks and follies the next few months will fling at us.

Perched jackdaw looking left