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“With each week going by more beer goes off”

– David Casinelli, Chief Operating Officer,
   D. G. Yuengling & Son.

In this coronaviral year
We look for anything to cheer.
What gets attention in the news?
There now is too much beer to use.

Since most folks cannot get about
To quaff a lager, bock, or stout,
A porter, pilsner, or pale ale,
The stash of beer is getting stale.

It may not be poured down the drain
Without de-foaming, pros explain.
Its pH must be balanced, too,
A task few brewers want to do.

But some with extra alcohol
Are selling off the ethanol
To those who market gasoline
Or gin up gel so hands stay clean.

A warning to all with a thirst
For beer when times are at their worst:
More than one maker said of late,
“Extend the expiration date.”