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In 1930 the BBC’s Variety Programmes and Policy Guide for Writers and Producers included among crudities and doubtful material to be absolutely banned “suggestive references to honeymooning couples, chambermaids, fig leaves, ladies’ underwear (e.g. winter drawers on), animal habits (e.g. rabbits), lodgers, commercial travellers. When in doubt – cut it out.”

In these post-Reithian times you are invited to supply by the 21st November up to 16 lines of verse on these once toxic topics, either singly or in combination, not to say combinations.


Man with Roman nose sitting in chair faci ng right with pen and begiining of letter sign off ' I am Sir ' ir' l

I am, Sir, Madam, Mrs, Miss,
       Now posted here to tell you this:
  First day of winter will appear
      Our next trip in the cybersphere.