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from Don Juan Finish'd

The first Don Juan, by Tirso de Molina,
The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest,
Concludes with Juan receiving a subpoena
For Hell from Don Gonzalo. The arrest
Comes after Juan has kill'd him in a scene o'
High conflict. At Gonzalo's grave, in jest,
Juan tells his statue, ‘Dine with me.’ He croaks
On learning statues misinterpret jokes.

Before induction to Gonzalo's tomb,
The vicious daughter-desecrating rake's
Given a banquet, presaging his doom,
And there appropriately are no cakes
And ale (for virtuous was Ana, whom
He‘d harm'd). The meal's tarantulas and snakes.
I 'm not sure what this says for the cuisine o'
Old Spain – or playwright Tirso de Molina.