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The threshold of the eighties crossed,
my youth and middle age are lost,
I'm tireder than I used to be,
a noon-time snooze – obligatory.
Things take much longer to get done,
where I did five jobs, now it's one,
the rest are left aside to wait,
there's always too much on my plate.

Last week my birthday came again;
an idea sparked inside my brain –
I won't go up to eighty four
(where old age waits behind the door),
but back to seventy six instead!
My family gave the go-ahead,
endorsing it right down the line,
so far it's working – I feel fine!

I'm full of life now, in my prime!
My eightieth comes in four years' time.
When people ask me to explain,
"How can you celebrate again?"
I tell them, "Though it was well done,
that first time was a practice run."

More energy, no need to snooze,
which job today? No need to choose -
I do them all, no longer tired,
with eight years off I feel inspired!
No longer do I need to state:
there's always too much on my plate.