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Channels of Fleet brook Torquay converging rom left and right

One day as I wandered
my pace abruptly slowed
along my smooth and easy path
I came to a fork in the road.

The fork just stood and smiled at me
his tines up in the air
he spoke in a rather tinny voice
as forks do everywhere.

“So where are you going?”
the fork most kindly said.
And as I looked around me
I slowly shook my head.

“I was just out for a stroll
to breathe in some fresh air.
I didn’t expect a dialogue
with a piece of dinnerware.”

“Life is like that,” said the fork.
“The path’s not always straight.
But now’s the time to make a choice
before it gets too late.”

“Some forks are sterling silver
others stainless steel
the fancy ones solid gold
but it’s always the same deal.”

“You must pick a direction
to the left or to the right
but if you want to stay here
you can think all night.”

So from a silver polish cloth
he formed a sleeping bag.
“Just take all the time you want.
I promise I won’t nag.”

I slept very soundly
under a round full moon
and I dreamed in nursery rhymes
where the dish ran away with the spoon.

In the morning I awoke
after a restful night.
I’m not sure what inspired me
but I took off to the right.

And with a cheery smile and wave
he bade me a good day
said I’d encounter many forks
as I went along my way.

Life is an adventure
no matter where you go
as you navigate the twists and turns.
A fork told me it’s so.