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I’d planned early arrival for the key interview;
They’d said “Shortlisted – you’re among very few.”
But the Hammersmith Flyover had a different agenda;
New captain of industry (?) – I just had to surrender.

Ten minutes late, the receptionist’s breasts,
delayed me further as I made my requests:
“How many before me?  Is there a queue?
Can you get me up front for a prompt interview?”

She said “Please forget it, and your suit is a mess,
and the job was for someone more capable in stress . . . ”
I said: ”I’m shortlisted, can I go straight in?”
She said “Sit down, and your breakfast is stuck to your chin!”

Then out came the MD with the new appointee;
Rejected! Rejected! Oh woe is me!
Gainful employment eludes me once more;
Back to the house and the mother-in-law!