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Cover: Photo (c)  Frances Phillips. Bluebells Garway Hill Herefodshire

Still hot from the quick forge and working-house of thought, here is LUPO’s Issue 53 for March 2021, the first of a so far dismal year as regards news, apart from the USA having survived its four year fit of the DTs. So, to lighten the encircling gloom, LUPO's contributors have provided a varied spread of amphibians, angels, ars poetica, climate emergency, crickets (though, alas, not cricket) death, funerals, iguanas, marital relations, potatoes, prairie flowers sleep, Time, and a twinkling miscellany of many other matters, all laced with a soupçon of Covid, a sprinkling of burlesque and lashings of global greenery.

The Eco-Chamber special Interval and the three regular ones feature the work of Damian Balassone, Eve Best, Jerome Betts, Jane Blanchard, Patricia Bradley, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Michael R. Burch, Cheryl Caesar, Glo Curl,  Pat D’Amico, Martin Elster, Stephen Gold, Hank Greenspan, Julia Griffin, Max Gutmann, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Raymond Hume, L. A. Mereoie, Alan Millichip, Tristan Moss, Nina Parmenter, Barbara Pensom, Alex Steelsmith, Henry Stimpson, Gail White, Liza McAlister Williams, Russel Winick and Tom Vaughan.

Lining up (masked and socially distanced) for their instantly bio-degradable awards after placing in another green-tinged grotto, or Competition 52, are Michael R. Burch, Ken Chester, Pat D'Amico, Martin Elster, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Peggy Landsman, L. A. Mereoie, Mike Mesterton-Gibbons, Alan Millichip, D.A. Prince and John Wood.

The usual warm welcome is extended to this issue’s newcomers, namely Roger Beckett, David Leonard Clarke, Cheryl Caesar, Siri Espy, Raymond Hume, Rumi Morkin, Barbara Pensom, Shane Schick and John Whitney Steele.

With thanks to Susan Jarvis Bryant, Frances Phillips and Heather Simpson for photographs, and the hope that some of the issue’s lines may elicit the passing tribute of a guffaw in ghastly times, let us look forward to universal  vaccination and less virus-dominated days.

Brass knocker in form of fish, tail top, head bottom