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She’s the sizzle in his sausage
the crème in his brûlée
the relish on his partridge
the flame in his flambé!

He’s the slug upon her lettuce
the charcoal on her toast
the stone in her queen olive
the gristle in her roast!

She’s the pop in his Prosecco
the topping on his tart
the ketchup on his chump chop –
he’s gone and lost his heart!

He’s the bitter in her latte
the curdle in her cream
the faux pas in her foie gras –
he’s far from haute cuisine!

She’s the Dijon on his hot dog
the froth upon his ale
the whiskey in his eggnog
the garnish on his quail.

He’s the woe in her escargot
the devil in her egg
the shiit in her shiitake
the nut in her nutmeg.

She’s the sherry in his trifle
the cherry on his cake
the honey on his waffle –
the one he won’t forsake!

He’s the grit in her linguini
the maggot in her pear
the wasp in her Martini –
she’s ending this affair!