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Behavior adds to arrogant looks.
On shelves you blend your borrowed books.
A callous critic, your acclamations
double-down with denigrations.
Your epic ego expects applause
from would-be friends (you’ll find their flaws).
Generous with every germ
your honks and hacks make hale infirm.
Ignoring what’s illegal often,
you’d jaywalk jauntily to your coffin.
You keep all kudos in your head;
that love will languish, left unsaid.
You’ve made your mantra Make More Money.
No neighbor’s jokes are ever funny.
Offensive opinions that you spout are
are power plays parading clout.
You’re quick to quibble querulously.
Reclining your rocker perilously,
you slurp your smoothie (spinach and kale)
while telling, again, some tasteless tale.
What umbrage you unload and use
to validate your vile views!
My wait is done. I write this page
with no excuse except my rage.
Like you, I yammer, yell, and yawp
with zest and zeal to tell you: Stop!