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Cover: Photo (c) Josie Stone. Herring Gull in flight

Three months have passed in a flash, so here is LUPO 54 for June 2021 in the second year of Covid. Its contributors serve up various kinds of shoes, train and plane travel, vacation work, avocados, Bollywood, dreams, garden flowers, grandfathers, nerds, Christie and Austen characters, the mysterious world of socks and a fix of lavender and love. They also provide inside information on Leonardo’s da Vinci’s best-known model, as well as myopia in bookshops, Zoom, the BBC, orthopaedic surgeons, assorted unlikely tales and other matters. This quarter’s special Interval focuses on what we can’t do without – words. So without wasting too many more of them, let the credits roll, hopefully followed in due course by readers doing the same in the aisles. 

Enlivening the summer scene with Interval appearances on diverse topics are Damian Balassone, Eve Best, Jerome Betts, Michael H. Brownstein, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Steven Clayman, Terese Coe, Pat D’Amico, Tracy Davidson, Martin Elster, Daniel Galef, Hank Greenspan, Julia Griffin, Max Gutmann, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Raymond Hume, Liza McAlister Williams, Bruce McGuffin, L. A. Mereoie, Rumi Morkin, Barbara Pensom, Tony Peyser, D. A. Prince, Alex Steelsmith, Henry Stimpson, Beverly Stock, Michael Swan, Mark Totterdell, Peggy Verrall, Martin West, and Russel Winick

The daring survivors of the attempt to illuminate Hamlet's Salop days in Competition 53 include C. R. Edenhill, Robin Gilbert, Katie Mallett, Martin Parker, and Michael Swan.

Making their bow on LUPO's digital boards we welcome Michael H. Brownstein, Paul Freeman, Conor Kelly, Mary Kipps, Larry Needham, John Short, Claire Thom and Kate Tompkins.

Apologies to those whose contributions have had to be held over till September and thanks to Hannah Betts, Ana Sanchez Hijosa and Josie Stone for photographs, to which should be added a heartfelt . . .


Thank You NHS coloured wall graffiti