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It isn’t a town. It’s a sobriquet
for the movie business based in Mumbai
that produces films with curry spice plots
in sizzling colors that tickle the eye.
Your stereotypical Bollywood flick
is the quintessential romantic confection:
a hero whose shirt is often unbuttoned,
the chaste young lady of flawless complexion.
These star-crossed lovers will never kiss.
Their angry parents will never curse.
Instead, they’ll suddenly break into song,
with costume change between each verse.
There’s dancing too, impromptu numbers,
with inexplicable shifts in location
that typically feature the Taj Mahal.

That look on your face, is it consternation?
Did I mention they also have dastardly villains
the hero will single-handedly fight?
I hope that makes a difference, because
I’ve rented us one to watch tonight.