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 Hed and shoulders portrit of Carl Linnaeus

Mary Cresswell: Classification

Splittery lumpery
Carolus Linnaeus
pins down the butterflies
lines up the bees.

Anal retentiveness
linked with inventiveness
proves expertise.

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Elizabeth Horrocks: Clerihew

Alfred Lord Tennyson
Liked to cook venison.
Alter working a lot
He’d add a shallot.

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Alex Steelsmith :Synopsis

Alice in Wonderland
falls down a rabbit hole
into a zone

very much lacking in
Then she discovers the
dream is her own.

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L. A. Mereoie: Moss Adventure

A negligent person from Dagenham
With a shotgun described as a Magnum
    Got a plug in the bore
    On a damp boggy moor . . .
The jury returned Death By Sphagnum.

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Mary Cresswell: Amherst Incident

Whoopitty doopitty
Emily Dickinson
hopped down the walk
with a glass of sauterne

Overly noisily
she ended up getting
both halves of the worm.

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Jerome Betts: Tailgaters in Omicronominous Times

When I have fears that I may cease to be
Soap, mask, and social distancing for me!

Much have I travelled in the realms of gold –
So now self-isolate at once I'm told.

We were young, we were merry, we were very very wise,
But lockdown in our college still caused a big surprise.

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Martin Elster: Two Clerihews

Edwin Powell Hubble
discovered that we live in an expanding cosmic bubble.
A lawyer turning to astronomy gives us hope that there is a speck of sanity
in humanity.

Sir Fred Hoyle
found that when ions in stars roil
they make heavier atoms. He also wrote science fiction.
Is that a contradiction?

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Margaret Owen Ruckert: Sweet Spot

I’ve always liked pikelets with jam,
those full moons of taste by the gram.
    They wake up your tongue
    and help you feel young –
but my doctor says 'Cut them out!' Damn!

6 pikelets on round white plate