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Coliled rattlesnake with rattle 

James A Tweedie: Sound Sense

The “rattler” is a type of snake,
A Lepidosauria.
Their name comes from the noise they make–
An onomatopoeia.

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Rumi Morkin: Shiva Nataraja

Bronze statues depict in traditional stance
the Hindu god Shiva, termed "Lord of the Dance."
He tramples the demon, remaining unharmed;
his motto, most fitting: Forewarned is four armed.

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Jerome Betts: Clay Pig Question

‘Special prize of a £220 ejector twelve boar shotgun.’
                - Country Fair Clay Shoot Advertisement

Ah, poly-porcine weapon, whose design
The minds’ eye paints with rosy pigment,
Are you a piece to shatter flying swine
Or just a faulty printer’s figment?

♠   ♠   ♠   ♠   ♠   ♠   ♠   ♠   ♠ 

Russel Winick: Becoming Better Company

One personal tendency seldom addressed
Though the import’s abundantly clear,
Presentment of topics to get off one’s chest
Versus subjects folks might want to hear.

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Terese Coe: Parenting for Dummies

A parent has no business being cool,
nor acting like a siren or a fool.
It overturns society's every rule.
Your only hope? Work like an Army mule.

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Tony Peyser: Past Imperfect

Certain events in our past aren’t worth recalling:
Rowboats that should drift shoreward to
Rest along a distant beach. (A bit of forgetfulness
May be something to look forward to.)

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Russel Winick: Speeches

Of all routine annoyances,
It’s this one I most dread.
You ask a question, yes or no,
But get a speech instead.

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Glo Curl: My Big Mouth

The waitress was carrying three plates of food
She looked about eighty but could've been older
I'm not quite sure why but I said something rude
Hence egg on my face and a chip on my shoulder.

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L. A. Mereoie: Sheep Ahoy!

His tup swept away by a sudden sharp spate
The farmer cried, “Thank God we’ve lambed!”
While howls of dismay from a rowing club eight
Announced that their craft had been  . . .

Stylised ram's head