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Cover:  Photo (c) J.G. Betts. Dahlias Tessier Gardens Torquay

Droughts or deluges have continued to underline the changing climatic outlook since the June issue, but LUPO contributors are setting a good example by keeping up a steady flow of the sparkling stuff. In this autumn issue are to be found Brexit, cats, dogs and squirrels, climatic cogitations, cockapoos, ears, fainting, floating garbage, Ilkley, insomnia, Latin, lashings of limericks, leaves, magical thinking, memoirs, mulberries, pious parrots unmasked, Sarah the chimpanzee, salamanders, Shakespeare in space, sheep, Shelley and shoefall, along with much else.

Performing in varied modes in the four Intervals are Felicia Nimue Ackerman, Jerome Betts, Alexander Blustin, Steven Clayman, Pat D’Amico, John S. Eustis, Sally Festing, Daniel Galef, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Steven Kent, Philip Kitcher, Will Ingrams, Susan McLean, Bruce McGuffin, L. A. Mereoie, Rumi Morkin, Martin Parker, Jenny Pearson, Tony Peyser, Judie Rae, Margaret Owen Ruckert, Donald Sellitti, Henry Stimpson, Jean Syed, Tom Vaughan, Gail White and Russel Winick.

Bleary-eyed from their inspection of the film world in Competition 58 come Melissa Balmain, Tracy Davidson, Judy Koren, Mary McLean, Susan McLean, Alan Millichip, Chris O'Carroll, D. A. Prince, Alex Steelsmith, Michael Swan, Gail White and John Wood.

A warm welcome in these warm if worrying times to four new arrivals in LUPO World, namely Philip Kitcher, Lisa McCabe, Jenny Pearson and Royal Rhodes, as well as thanks to LUPO's indefatigable contributors and competition-enterers old and new, not forgetting Joan Butler for her shot of thirsty Yorkshire sheep.

 Brush painting of vird on bough with head and beak pointing vertically