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View of Loch Earn with hills each side

L.A. Mereoie: Lexical Leap

Drams galore on his ‘Highland Tour Week’
Tangled Herr Fenchel’s tongue, so to speak.
    After lunch near Loch Earn
    He jumped over a burn
Boasting “Look! I haff chust sprung a leak!”

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Daniel Galef: Molière

lived Dieu-knows-where
but spent all his days
at the Comédie Française.

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Margaret Owen Ruckert: White Mischief?

I like coffee and food tasting sweet.
All that sugar thrills head down to feet.
   But so many now say
   that I MUST disobey
when my brain signals 'Just one more treat'.

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Daniel Galef: Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor
could accept if a play were to fail or
but it’s quite another thing when the
President of the United States is shot
at one of your shows.

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Rumi Morkin: Covid Caution

A tourist, when visiting Delphi,
Though to take off his mask for a selphi,
    But the risk of infection
    Without its protection
Deterred him – "It wouldn't be helphi."

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Martin Parker: J.M.W Turner

J.M.W. Turner
Needs judges to be sterner,
And ensure that those who seek his Prize
Have talents of a worthwhile size.

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Steven Kent: Frankly Speaking

Well, this girl doesn’t get what I mean
(Lovely ears, but not much in between).
    I ask, “May I be frank?”
    She says, “Thanks but no thank
You, for role-play just isn’t my scene.”

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Martin Parker: Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili,
Most agree freely,
Did something absurd
With elephant turd.

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Jerome Betts: Scot Shot

(Andy Murray has defended serving
underarm in tennis as ‘smart play’)

Receivers, from whatever land,
Should be careful about where they stand
    Lest they end up red-faced
    Having been smartly aced
Underarm, which is not underhand.

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Jenny Pearson: King Edward VIII

King Edward VIII
Wasn’t long in that state:
His Wallis fixation
Precipitated his abdication.

Eward VIII mug design for coronation that never was May 12th 1937