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Roll up, roll up, and form a queue,
All those who own a cockapoo.
There’s something planned that you should know,
A special place for you to go.
Gathered there, we now declare it is our firm intention,
To be your host. So let us toast, The Cockapoo Convention.

A cockapoo’s a splendid beast,
So bring him to our merry feast.
For whether old, or just a pup,
You’ll see his little face light up.
Come and see, (admission free, if you receive a pension)
We recommend that you attend the Cockapoo Convention.

Some are noisy, some are quiet,
Some are on a special diet.
Some are timid, some are bold,
Very few do what they’re told.
Cockapoos like eating things I hardly dare to mention.
Though all appear here once a year at the Cockapoo Convention.

He may be skinny, may be fat,
Don’t concern yourself with that,
Some are big and some are small,
We don’t mind, we love ‘em all.
Many of them do things quite beyond our comprehension.
But bring or send your furry friend to the Cockapoo Convention.

There’s lots of lovely things to do,
So come along plus Cockapoo.
Pull up in the parking zone
Grab a drink and buy a bone.
We’ve lots of toys and goodies and can say without dissension
You'll not regret we saw your pet at The Cockapoo Convention.

Rd cokapoo sitting upright and looking right with tongue out