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A blushing duchess bought a pair of parrots.
She found these rainbow fowls were lewd of beak –
Proud femmes fatales who cackled they were harlots –
Loud strutting sluts of plumes of cheep mystique.

The upright, uptight duchess told her pastor
Who asked her and her smutty pets for tea.
He owned two pious parrots (Vince and Victor) –
Two prayerful cocks who clutched a rosary.

He thought a formal teatime introduction
Would show her hussy hens the humble path
And bring about a swift and sure rejection
Of tacky talk that stoked their owners wrath.

These sassy parrots (Nicolette and Nancy)
Were ushered in with Victor and young Vince,
Who puffed their plumage up all fine and fancy
On hearing words that made the vicar wince . . .

Vince tossed his seeds and beads up in the air
As Victor squawked, “The Lord has heard our prayer!”

Two red and blue parrots side by side on perch looking left.