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Sometimes when I lie in bed
I hear a voice inside my head. 
I wish, I want, I can’t, I will,
It chants incessantly until  
I’ve counted several thousand sheep
And finally I fall asleep
I wish that I were more attractive
I wish I could become more active.
I wish I did not need much rest,
I wish I always did my best,
I wish I wasn’t quite so lazy . . .
I wish it wouldn’t drive me crazy.
I want to be a real  success ,
I want to wow them and impress.        
I want to find my true soul mate;
I want to soon, why must I wait?
I want to feel proud every day.
I want this voice to go away
I can’t be who I want to be
I can’t since others won’t let me.
I can’t because the road’s too steep.
I can’t, I’m tired and need more sleep.
I can’t move, as I'd like, elsewhere,

I can’t with this voice nightly there. 
I will accept the need for change
I will take time to rearrange.
I will give always of my best, 
I will be as good as the rest.
I will do better from now on.
I will try, once this voice has gone.
Treat wishes cautiously, they say,         
You might get what you want one day.
To say ‘I can’t’ is  to excuse.
Just say ‘I will’ and don’t refuse,
Then you'll sleep soundly in your bed   
And hush the voice inside your head.