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Cover: Photo (c) J. G. Betts. Autumn view Torquay. 

LUPO 63 for September 2023 has now materialised at the end of a summer of fire and flood. Among the sense and nonsense (in the best sense) served up by its indefatigable contributors are baldness, Bentham (J.) and books, cats, commas, Cope (W.) and Corleones, not to mention constables, cremains and cricket, as well as gardens, gossip, peacocks, platypi and pub-crawls, ravens, ringtones, and rockers, Schoenberg, scones and storm drains, tardigrades, Tennyson and teddies, and much else besides. 

To be savoured in the four Intervals are the varied offerings of  Felicia Nimue Ackerman, Brian Allgar, Damian Balassone, Bruce Bennett, Jerome Betts, Michael R. Burch, Chris O' Carroll, Terese Coe, John Cooper, Pat D’Amico, Richard Fleming, David Lee Garrison, Stephen Gold, Julia Griffin, Max Gutmann A. M. Juster, Tonia Kalouria, Steven Kent, Philip Kitcher, Jean L. Kreiling, Bruce McGuffin, L.A. Mereoie, David Mitchell, Martin Parker, Michael Swan, Gail White, Russel Winick, and Nick Wynne. 

As they blink in the LUPO  limelight for the first time, we welcome David Lee Garrison, David Mitchell, Christine Pennylegion, Phil Genoux, Maurice O’ Sullivan and Nick Wynne.

Emerging red-eyed from between the sheets come the winners of Competition 62, Brian Allgar, Daniel Galef, Julia Griffin,, Bill Holloway, Mike Mesterton-Gibbons, I.V. Neversere,  Peggy Verrall and John Wood.

As some may already have noticed, the site has had to undergo a makeover. Hopefully, it is still easy to navigate. All the old features are there, but for anyone as easily confused by changes in the digital landscape as the editor, it might be helpful to note that you click on the blue circle with three white bars at the top right of the Welcome page to get to Submissions, The Poets, News, Contact and Links. In The Poets click on the author’s name to read the short bio alone, or enter the name in the search box to pull up the bio plus all the author’s contributions.

Thanks to Felicia Nimue Ackerman, Linda Balassone and Ana Hijosa Sanchez for the use of photographs and best autumn wishes to all LUPO’s contributors and readers.

Ginger at eyes clos aing camea