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Oil paintin. Luxuria. Detail of 7 Deadly Sins by H. Bosch.

Brian Allgar: A Singular Sin

My goal I may need to adjust;
The target was “Seven or bust” –
   For one week, I would sin,
   Giving each one a spin,
But I never got further than Lust.

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Martin Parker: Evelyn Revisited

Waugh’s Brideshead, I seem to recall,
Is a warning to Catholics all
   Of the endless succession
   Of guilt and repression
In store for those under Rome’s thrall.

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Julia Griffin: Clerical Conviction

The policemen might bluster and bicker:
Father Brown’s calculations were quicker.
   “It’s a matter of faith,” he hissed,
   “That the culprit’s an atheist,
Or a Jew, or an Anglican vicar.”

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Michael R. Burch: Flu Fly Flew

A fly with the flu foully flew
up my nose – thought I’d die – had to sue!
   Was the small villain fined?
   An abrupt judge declined
my case, since I’d “failed to achoo!”    

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Martin Parker: Aftermath

The scar from my swift appendectomy
Is not right, there are those who object to me.
   The surgeon’s dropped stitches
   Have left me with itches
And a hole which looks just a bit rectumy.

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L. A. Mereoie: The Sound Of His  Drum?

A Hunt let a rich volunteer
Pay to "carry the horn” for a year.
   He found that his lip
   Wouldn’t stay the whole trip
So now . . .  he just plays it by ear.

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Martin Parker: Awful Eyeful

The thought of a quick iridotomy
Made my buttocks feel quite squeaky-bottomy.
   Then the pain of the laser
   Felt more like a Taser
And the sheer bloody fright really got to me.

                                           □         □      □       □       □       □       □                                                

Brian Allgar: Guidelines

A clean limerick’s rather absurd;
Smutty anecdotes should be preferred.
    Sex is what they’re about,
    Though scatology’s out –
They should be obscene, but not turd.

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Jerome Betts: Flash Landing

An enthusiast, up with the lark
In a hot air balloon called The Spark,
    Saw some pylons, lost height,
    Caused a great burst of light,
But left hundreds of homes in the dark.

Hot air balloon.Red with blue and white chequered diagonal bands.