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I know some dirt, but I can't tell.
I pinky-swore I wouldn't.
So please don't ask. Don't pressure me.
You know me. I just couldn't.

Although you're not demanding yet,
I'm sure you'd love to know
who's running off with whom tonight.
I'll bet your eyes would glow.

What's that? You think if I don't tell,
I'll some day soon explode?
I'm made of stronger stuff than that.
Yes, I can bear this load.

I know the strain I'll suffer through,
but I won't tell these things.
Then I shall have the sense of pride
that being trusted brings.

Oh, yes, I know I've told you news
I'd sworn to keep for life.
Like me, you're not the type to blab
and stir up shame and strife.

I'm positive you'd not disclose
these treasures that I hold.
Don't think that I don't trust you, dear!
I know you're good as gold.

Oh, very well, I'll tell you then.
We'll hold these truths forever.
Those waiting round for us to tell
will hear about them . . .  Never!