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Oh, Teddy, we’re so sorry, she was only having fun.
Now your head is hanging off and all your seams have come undone.
Your fur, once soft and shiny, is a tangled soggy mess,
Your stuffing’s fallen out, which simply adds to our distress.

We were full of good intentions, yet it seems we sealed your fate.
I tried my best to rescue you, but it was just too late.
You should be being cuddled by a little girl or boy,
Proud of your position as a toddler’s favourite toy.

Snuggled up in bed as mother reads a gentle tale
Of Pepper Pig; The Gruffalo; the famous Big White Whale.
But fate conspired against us all, as fate’s inclined to do,
And you ended up molested by a crazy cockapoo.

So Teddy please forgive us, as we try to make amends.
We’ll find a loving family with other furry friends.
Who have a son and daughter, or a nephew and a niece.
Where you’ll be loved and cherished, and where you can live
in peace.