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I may be a namby-pamby, 
hoity-toity whippersnapper;
half-doolally, nick-nack nutter,
ding-dong bell without a clapper,
but I yearn for psychobabble,
flim-flam, hotch-potch pitter-patter.
Hit me with the posh palaver,
arty-farty word-spat splatter.

Wishy-washy mumbo-jumbo,
topsy-turvy clap-trap blather,
muddle-minded hanky-panky,
hocus-pocus, let me gather
hullabaloo and hurly-burly,
rough kerfuffle, balderdash;
pull in all that hoo-ha hubbub
riff-raff ruckus, mad mish-mash.

Grab a garbled gallimaufrey
mixed-up, macaronic mess,
add some nitty-gritty ditties,
last-gasp, past-daft bumptiousness.
Bric-a-brac and rummaged jumble
build my broad-brush ballyhoo;
quirky words – this brash brouhaha
constitutes a billet-doux.