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G.P.’s are called ‘quacks’,
     the law dubbed an ‘ass’
and both need exams
     which I’d never pass.

Police nicknamed ‘pigs’
     and often much worse,
M.P.’s labelled ‘liars’,
     I T. nerds, a ‘curse’.

Drivers abused,
     accountants thought boring,
teachers so wordy
     they soon start me snoring.

Salesmen seem sleazy –
    their foot in your door,
bailiffs are close to
     the edge of the law.

Building needs strength
     which I clearly lack,
bosses are born
     and often must sack.

Office staff podgy,
    and set in their ways,
thieving’s too dodgy
     since crime seldom pays.

But no weekly wage 
     Brings problems that irk –
I’d best roll up my sleeves,
     I might as well work !