Mae Scanlan - What a Shame


Leander was a chap in Abydos,
The lovely Hero didn't live too close;
She dwelt in Sestos, with the high and mighty.
They met inside the shrine of Aphrodite.

 Each night Leander swam, as was his wont,
The chilly waters of the Hellespont
To see his Hero, and extol her charms
Whilst holding her within his dripping arms.

His beacon was a lamp in Hero's tower;
She lit it nightly, at the proper hour.
One eve a storm arose; the lamp was blown–
Leander lost his way, and drowned, alone.

On hearing this, fair Hero thrashed and cried.
She vaulted from her tow'r, and promptly died.
So ends the tale of Hero and Leander;
I do so wish the ending had been grander.