Max Gutmann - Pass the Parmesan


And How Do You Keep It From Clumping All Together?

Spaghetti cooking bares the soul, 'cause almost everyone
Has got a different method of deciding when it's done:

The nervous use a timer, and they let spaghetti cook
Precisely for the length suggested in the pasta book.

The scientific extricate and slice a strand in two,
Observing closely whether it's cooked evenly all through.

For independent-minded folk, their taste buds are the best;
They solve the sticky problem with a chew-and-swallow test.

The wild prefer another way: they take and toss a bunch
Of strings against the wall, and if they stick, it's time for lunch.

The fashion of the experts is, as you'd expect, much duller;
They claim that it's sufficient just to note spaghetti's color,

But mine's the simplest method of confirming that spaghetti
Is done. I ask one question: am I hungry? Then it's ready.