Lighten Up Online 4: In This Issue

    Brendan Beary hurdling through life -
    Alanna Blake on a tragedy of Classical parenting
    Alison Brackenbury gets that sinking feeling
    Tony Cloke rapping for Barack
    Karen Doherty finding that extremely small oaks, also, from little acorns grow
    Bill Greenwell on Bobby Mugabe
    Max Gutmann cooking spaghetti his way
    Matt Harvey extolling his shed
    Andy Jackson having missed out on almost everything contemporary
    Julie Kane ( Associate Professor of English) explaining that much about Olde English poetry is not Merrie
    Rosemary Nice unable to sleep
    D.A. Prince with new words for an old hymn tune
    Susan Richardson with a lament by Penguin’s penguin
    Mae Scanlan remembering her piano teacher
    George Simmers going Godless in London
    Frances Thompson acquiring support from Marks and Spencer
    Leo Vincent with nothing to enjoy about being two days old

   PLUS - NEWS SECTION reports on beans (truly!), an Arvon Prize commendee from Lighten Up Online
   (yes, really!), light verse making it to the shortlist of a heavy poetry competition (blimey, no kidding?), et al.

   ALSO - The delights that were COMPETITION 3 and a COMPETITION 4 which the Editor is confident
   will produce excellence from the twisted but ingenious minds of Lighten Up Online’s readers.