Mae Scanlan: Medical Emerg.

Medical Emerg.

A chap sits in a doctor's off.;
He fidgets; sips a cup of coff.
Says Doc, "What seems to be the matt?"
Man answers "It's my whole anat.
I exercised a bit too vig.
And I believe I've torn a lig.
Went jogging, and I hurt my ank.,
And I've a sharp pain in my panc.
My lower tooth (I think the wis.)
Is giving me a lot of mis.,
Plus, I've had hard'ning of the art.
Since England wrote the Magna Cart.
What's more, I think I just might vom.
On this new suit from Abercromb."
Says Doc, "This truly is unfort.;
You're steps away from rigor mort.
You seem worse off than Jacob Marl.
I’ll send you to the funeral parl."

 Mae Scanlan