Rosa Johnson: The Age of Circumspection Cometh

If music be the food of love,
then take excess of it,
for soon your frail and feeble form
won't stand the stress of it.
At fifty comes the time to hesitate,
to look before you leap.
he stamina that once was yours has fled,
you need more sleep!
I would not have you chided gentle sage,
be warned, when pleasures of the flesh you seek,
for though the spirit's willing in old age,
that ardent passion is not met
by flesh that's weak.
Let Bacchus reign, where once sweet Venus ruled,
and Cupid too would see your ardour cooled.
I beg you now to exercise restraint
and probably you'll never hear complaint.
Be not downhearted. Do not concede defeat.
Abbreviated pleasures you can meet.
Remember, what is short is often very sweet!