In This Issue

    In this issue, you will find --

    Brendan Beary noting that , while others may die young, only the old die old
    Joan Butler revealing what she has learnt from the masters
    Mary Cresswell watching sleeping dogs twitch-
    Gillian Ewing savouring the prospect of an Indian summer spent in sprightly company
    Peter Goulding on the perils of basking in the light of God  
    Bill Greenwell on the possible size of things to come  
    Rosa Johnson on the need to accept a change of tempo
    Julie Kane on the attractions of men in slow motion
    Penny Lowery fronting up to a woman’s dilemma
    D A Prince loving www
    Heather Reid warning girls against taking a flier
    Lynn Roberts speculating on her unusual lover’s daytime whereabouts and on the contents of his briefcase
    Mae Scanlan getting briefly tech. at the Doc.  
    Leo Vincent crawling back home, unbelievably repentant yet again  
    Gail White on why Herrick’s likely plan for May was Corinna’s  reason for “Won’t.”