Lynn Roberts: Maenadness

Where should I be without you? –
you are strong and dark and wild;
when I’m with you I am happy
and as careless as a child.

You are teasing; you can sparkle;
you are young and you are green;
when you touch my lips I blossom;
you are earthy – you are clean.

Quite often you are fruity
and frequently you’re dry;
you can make me sing or silent,
make me giggle, make me cry.

I hunger for your body;
you smell of peach and musk;
I look for you at noon, and
I pine for you at dusk.

You are chilled and you are golden,
you are rich and you are deep;
you woo me into ecstasy
and soothe me into sleep.

You get me through catastrophes
with children, work and cash;
you’re amusing, you’re my muse; you
inspire me in a flash.

Though I’m fickle, though I’m faithless,
vino veritas – it’s true;
you’re the god that I came in with,
Dionysos – I’m with you.